Property Management Services

Our services are designed keeping in mind the unique needs of an NRI homeowner

Taking care of your home from far way made easier with NRI Property Management Services!

No travel required

Since we provide end-to-end management of rental properties, you will never be required to visit the house. All rental paperwork will be taken care of by our team in India.

No broker or family member involved

Unlike brokers, we document and update our rental process online. We ensure you get a fair and best possible rent for your house. We also conduct police verification of all the tenants living with us.

Complete visibility

Every step of the rental process is documented and updated online immediately. This lets you have an eye on your house always.

House Protection

From cleaning and upkeep to regular fixes in the house, we will see to everything to keep your home in the best possible condition. Our services also includes property insurance.

Amenities for NRIs:

Now, you can purchase your dream property or perhaps properties without having to worry about the ways of managing the asset or assets.

You can move to your job location abroad or to study in the different country or even go for vacations because when you come back only tidiness and cleanness of the property will welcome you.

We will take care of paying the bills and other taxes and you will not get interrupted by the remainders of those payments.

You will not have to stress about collecting the rents from your rental units because we will do that for you without fail.

The repairs that your tenant requires will no longer be your concern as we will there round the clock to ensure that all the repairs and maintenance are in order.

The rates of illegal possession of property, misuse by the tenants are really high but with us looking after your property and rental units you will never have to encounter the unfortunate situation of taking legal actions.

Property Management in India

SLV Associates is professional Property Management Services Company in India. We manage properties for Non Resident Indians (NRI) and people who are either busy or are living far away to manage their properties like Apartment, Flat, Villa, Bungalow, Independent House, Studio apartment, Independent Floor, Commercial Office, Shop, Retail space, Residential or Commercial Property. We have professional property managers and verified lowest cost and high quality maintenance vendors to carry out the necessary maintenance and Property Management for your property.

Benefits For Property Owners

Are you a Non Resident Indian (NRI), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), investor who is living away, or you are too busy to not take care of your Property? SLV Associates will help you to Maintain your property and benefit you to lease out your property for good returns only we need approvals from you. We take all the responsibility of your property for Repair & maintenance, lease out, rent collection & Bills payments on time, day to day queries from tenant & Solution, handover of apartment to tenant vice versa.

How it works?

Just Call/Email to SLV Associates, we Sign a Property Management Agreement with you and rest is our duty to maintain and lease out your property. Only we need your approval for any happenings. Now you forget all the things we care your property very professionally.

Services Offered

  • Tenant Screening & Shortlisting.
  • Handling Rent Agreement.
  • Handling minor/minor repairs.
  • Periodic/ On-demand inspections to ensure proper upkeep of your Property.
  • Payments Management.
  • Maintenance & Electricity bills payments.
  • Property Tax payments.
  • Any other payment & levies.
  • Advertising Property.
  • Key & Visit management.
  • Rent collection Assistance.
  • Statement of accounts.
  • Ongoing rent of your property.
  • Update of your property with Photographs.
  • Apartment Furnishing.
  • Electrical Fittings/Repairs.
  • Keep posted for upcoming charges or events.
  • Double Check of all the payments.
  • Making your Property Rent able (Painting, Furnishing, Repairs and Cleaning etc.


  • Transparency in our Dealings.
  • Property Owner focused.
  • Assured & Personalized attention.
  • Lowest cost and High Quality work Guarantee.
  • Years of Experience in Property Management Services and Renting out properties.
  • We Have Powerful tool to advertise/ Circulate to potentials get faster results.
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